VersionBackup 5.1

Detailed management of backups and backup copies


  • Excellent configuration options
  • Good help file
  • Ability to search back-ups by date


  • Bad translation makes it hard to understand at times

Backing up your files is an essential piece of computer maintenance. It is something you should do automatically and regularly, because if you wait until you need it, well, it will probably be too late! And believe me on this one, because I speak from experience...

VersionBackUp is a program that does just this, creating zipped backups of your information so that you can then save or upload them to an external location for safekeeping. VersionBackUp allows you to create new backups, archive them to other locations, manage existing back-ups, and modify ones you have already defined. All of these actions are managed through the VersionBackUp interface, although it has to be admitted that one of the program's major problems lies here - the translation of the program isn't great and makes things a bit difficult to understand.

Using VersionBackUp is simple. You tell the program what you want to make a backup of and it creates a file which you then transfer to an external location for safekeeping. VersionBackUp has a huge variety of configuration options, although at times you'll need to pay close attention to figure them out. Among the program's features are the ability to schedule backups, force inclusions and exclusions, password-protect, automatically delete old backups and upload to an FTP. VersionBackUp then uses a tool, included in the program, called BackUp Browser to navigate and manage existing backups.

VersionBackUp is extremely detailed and intuitive. Considerable effort has been made to make users' lives as easy as possible, with a backup wizard and multiple little tools that will make it as easy as possible to backup your information, such as automatically splitting large files and retrying if it cannot access data the first time around. The translation is understandable with a bit of effort, but at times it is hard to know if you have actually understood the instructions correctly. If you can overcome this problem, however, VersionBackUp is a great tool for both advanced and novice users.

Translation aside, VersionBackUp is an easy-to-use and efficient backup tool.

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